BMW Mechanic Oakleigh South

A routine inspection and periodic maintenance check serve as a valuable tool in keeping your vehicle running at peak condition for a long time. The certified car mechanics at BM Repairs and Servicing provide a complete range of automotive services to the vehicle owners across Oakleigh South and the surrounding suburbs. Our services are designed to protect your investment and your safety on the road.  

Our Range Of Car Services Include:

Air Conditioning Servicing Oakleigh South:

Like many other components of a vehicle, the air conditioning unit may also require repair and maintenance on a regular basis. We provide air conditioning services to all vehicle brands and keep them running efficiently for a long time.

Brake & Clutch Repairs Oakleigh South:

If you notice loud growling noises, the vehicle pulling to one side, grinding sensations or vibrations as you hit the brake, it is understood that your brakes need a tune-up or replacement. We perform brake and clutch repairs, ensuring that they are working perfectly.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Oakleigh South:

When you trust us for a pre-purchase inspection, you will receive an unbiased report on the condition of the vehicle and expert opinion on the repairs that are likely to be required in the future. Based on our detailed report, you can make a well-informed decision. 

Roadworthy Certificate Oakleigh South:

We will check all the safety components of your vehicle and issue the roadworthy certificate if they meet the safety standards set by VicRoads. 

Logbook Servicing Oakleigh South:

Keeping up with your vehicle’s logbook service schedule is important to maintain its integrity and value. We will refer your logbook and perform suggested factory scheduled maintenance checks for your peace of mind.

Wheel Alignment Oakleigh South:

Tyres and wheels of a vehicle should be inspected for alignment every 10,000 km. Our mechanics provide both four-wheel and front-wheel alignments by adjusting the angles of wheels as per the manufacturer’s specifications. 

For timing chain replacement, valve stem oil soaks and other BMW servicing needs, call 0481 852 222 and schedule an appointment with BM Repairs and Servicing today.