BMW Control Units Repairs

What if you could have unprecedented levels of control over your BMW’s operating system? What would you change? Perhaps you’d customise its locking function to include automatic window and sunroof closure. Maybe you’d get rid of the annoying seatbelt alarm. You might hack media controls to allow passengers to watch movies on long journeys.

All of these things are possible with the help of the specialists at BMW Repairs and Servicing who are capable of providing BMW coding in Melbourne. Our team works at the cutting edge of vehicle customisation service to bring drivers brand new options as well as conduct BMW control units repairs. It’s a complex process, but we’ll do our best to give it to you straight.

What Is BMW Coding and Why Should You Want It?

Our BMW coding – often referred to as BMW DME replacement – is the process of altering a vehicle’s computer software to unlock new features. As with an iPhone, modern cars come pre-programmed with more capabilities than you think.

Due to location specific restrictions, many features stay locked inside a vehicle’s operating system. They’ve just been turned off by the manufacturer. BMW service coding accesses and alters the operating system to unlock all of these possibilities. Just as a computer programmer alters code to create new apps, we can alter your BMW’s code to unlock its hidden features.

Some Reasons to Consider BMW DME Replacement

The following is a list of reasons why you should consider our services for BMW coding in Melbourne:

  • Disable iDrive Disclaimers– Do you need to see a disclaimer every time you start your vehicle? We didn’t think so. We can make it disappear.
  • Mute Seat Belt Alarms– You’re a grown up. You don’t have kids. Those seatbelt warnings are more frustrating than they are helpful. Coding can turn them off.
  • Activate the True Speedometer– The speedometer you’re seeing is a factory default designed to overestimate your true speed. Our team can reactivate the real one.
  • One Click Window System– Keep forgetting to roll up your car’s windows? Let us link them to the vehicle’s key fob so, every time you lock, the windows close automatically.

This is just a handful of the ways we can customise your car service with professional BMW control unit repairs and coding. At BMW Repairs and Servicing, you’re always in the driving seat.

Call Us Today to Unlock Your Car’s Full Potential

Give us a call today on 0481 852 222 to find out how we can upgrade your vehicle with BMW coding in Melbourne. As BMW DME replacement and coding is a relatively new service, we’ll talk you through the options and make sure you’re entirely happy before proceeding. It’s time to put your car at the cutting edge of modern motor repairs.