BMW Roadworthy Certificate Melbourne

Need a roadworthy certificate for your BMW car? Looking for a licensed auto-repair facility in Clayton South? Well, you have come to the right place. No matter where you are based in Melbourne, you can count on BM Repairs and Servicing to conduct a thorough roadworthy inspection of your vehicle and issue the certificate in no time. We have a professional team of inspectors who will check every safety aspect of your vehicle and provide the certificate for your BMW.

What is RWC and Why Do You Need It?

In the State of Victoria, you are required to have a roadworthy certificate to sell a used vehicle, transfer registration to a new owner, re-register a used vehicle and transfer registration from another state to Victoria. This certificate ensures that the particular vehicle is in compliance with the safety regulations imposed by VicRoads and is safe to be taken on the road. 

What Does Our Roadworthy Inspection Cover?

Our BMW roadworthy inspection involves:

  • Checking all exterior and interior lights for functionality.
  • Examining your washer and wiper system for functionality.
  • Checking indicator lights for illumination and dashboard for control.
  • Inspecting all doors and closures for functionality.
  • Verifying safety belts and airbag units for functionality. 
  • Checking the working condition of mirrors.
  • Checking suspension and steering system for overall condition.
  • Examining brake and clutch systems for proper positioning and damages.
  • Inspecting wheel alignment and tyres for wear & pressure.
  • Checking body and chassis for structural damages.
  • Verifying other safety-related items as per VicRoads guidelines. 

If all these key components are in good condition, we will issue RWC immediately. Unfortunately, if your vehicle fails to meet the VicRoads standard, we will recommend the necessary services and give you a free quote. Upon your approval, we will carry out the repairs and make your vehicle roadworthy. 

Would you like to know more about our RWC inspection process? Don’t hesitate to call 0481 852 222 and talk to our vehicle testers.