BMW Timing Chain Replacements

As opposed to the timing belt that is made of rubber, a timing chain is a metal chain that is located inside of the engine. This component should properly be lubricated by the engine oil to ensure that your vehicle runs smoother. Whenever you use the engine, the timing chain will also involve in the operation. It is the component which connects the crankshaft to the camshaft so that they all rotate together. To ensure the proper functioning of your engine system, your timing chain needs to be replaced between 60,000 and 100,000 kilometres. If you own a BMW vehicle and realise that it needs timing chain replacement, bring in your car to BM Repairs and Servicing.

Why Does Timing Chain Need Replacement?

Over time, the timing chain stretches and wears out. The chain tensioner linked to the timing chain also wears out, leading to complete failure of the timing chain. If this happens, your BMW will not run properly. One of the major causes for the timing chain to wear out faster is the use of wrong oil. Using poor-quality oil puts extra load on the timing chain and prevents the proper lubrication of the engine, which in turn leads to timing chain failure.

How To Avoid Timing Chain Problems?

In order to avoid timing chain problems, you must take proper care of your vehicle’s engine. It is also important to have the engine oil and filter changed at manufacturer-recommended intervals. Using high-quality oil filters and engine oil will ensure that your timing chain lasts up to 300,000 kilometres or even longer.

Signs To Look For:
  • Your car backfires
  • Your engine shakes
  • Your vehicle works harder than normal
  • Your vehicle has a rough idle
  • Your vehicle will not start at all

If you notice these warning signs, don’t hesitate to visit our authorised BMW repair centre for timing chain replacement. Have a question for us? Call 481 852 222 and talk to the BMW specialists now!