BMW Valve Stem Seals Replacement

Is your BMW releasing white or bluish smoke through the tailpipe? If so, you may have a leaking valve stem seal. In fact, it is a common problem with the latest BMW models. As this is a very complicated task, it should only be handled by a professional, skilled mechanic team. At BM Repairs and Servicing, we have factory-trained BMW specialists who have the skills and experience to perform BMW valve stem seals replacement.

What Are The Consequences Of Leaking Valve Stem Seal?

Valve stem seals are designed to prevent oil from entering the combustion area of the engine. When the seal begins to fail, oil makes its way to the combustion area, leading to a decrease in the life of catalytic converter, fouling of the spark plugs and improper combustion. When there is no proper combustion, it may lead to the misfiring of the spark plugs and other engine problems.

Why Choose Us?

At BM Repairs and Servicing, we are familiar with the problem and know how to fix the engine valve stem seal failure. Our mechanics have the specific training and specialty tools needed to perform the repairs in the most cost-effective manner. During the repair process, we will also inspect and fix other possible issues that may be present, saving you thousands of dollars in repair cost.

What Are The Symptoms Of Valve Stem Seals Failure?
  • Increased oil consumption from the engine
  • The onboard indicator detects low engine oil
  • Blue-white smoke coming out of the tailpipe
  • Smoke billowing at idle or in traffic
  • Burning smell coming from your tailpipe or exhaust
  • Clogging of catalytic converters

Besides hindering the vision of all the drivers behind you, the smoking tailpipe can cause expensive problems for your catalytic converter. In addition, your car will also fail in the emission test when you have it inspected. So, if you see bluish or white smoking coming out of the tailpipe, don’t hesitate to call us at 0481 852 222 and schedule an appointment with our team.