BMW Wheel Alignment Melbourne

Having accurately aligned wheels is the most crucial step of balancing the wear and performance of the tyres on your BMW or MINI. In fact, getting proper wheel alignment should be part of your routine and preventive maintenance. At BM Repairs and Servicing, we realise that your BMW vehicle deserves the first-class service. When it comes to BMW wheel alignment Melbourne, we will align the wheels to the manufacturer-recommended specifications, ensuring the highest level of accuracy in our service.

Why Are BMW Wheel Alignments Important?

When your wheels and tyres are out of alignment, driving your BMW or MINI causes uneven tread wear and you will end up replacing the tyres very often. On the other hand, driving on properly aligned wheels will ensure the safety of your vehicle, increase the mileage and give you a smooth ride. Getting regular wheel alignments from BM Repairs and Servicing can make your tyres last longer and guarantee your safety on the road.

How Do Wheels Come Out Of Alignment?

Your wheels may come out of alignment when you

  • Hit a pothole
  • Run over a curb
  • Get into a fender bender
  • Put a new set of tyres

So, whenever you have new tyres installed or you hit something hard, bring in your vehicle to BM Repairs and Servicing for a wheel alignment check.

When Should You Get Your BMW Wheel Alignment Checked?

If you feel that your BMW is pulling to one side, vibrating or shaking while you are driving around, you must definitely stop by our BMW & MINI service centre to have the wheel alignment checked. It is also important to inspect the alignment of your wheels if you notice the uneven wearing of your car tyres. In fact, even if you are not noticing any warning signs, it is really worth to get them checked at least once a year.

So, if you have a question about our services or would like to make an appointment, get in touch with us by dialling 0481 852 222.